a magic life to be

July 20, 2018

But who pulls those strings Is it an imagination we play? Or is it real, what is real I am lost and lonely for one friend But I get mixed emotions when I think of him Yes I could go the other way And feel nothing and enjoy just living Or do I go with […]


FEAR, will I end up in the right person’s eyes?

July 2, 2018

FEAR, will I end up in the right person’s eyes again? I know this is a process I have chosen and now I have to work with it and truly find what I am searching for in my soul mate. I know I have a lot to work on as I am not making these […]


what makes us happy

June 30, 2018

At the present I still think of what I had and what I have done and still question where I want to be. I am in paradise but still something is missing. I run I try to fix but all I need to do is find and be myself. I am learning to say what […]

Feelings Happy


May 25, 2018

I fear five a clock every day FINDING CLOSER This is my worse time of the day having to deal with my Childs melt downs of abuse towards me and feeling lonely. I wish had help at this time of the day. I am alone and hate it and just want to pack my bags […]

Diary Feelings

Random thoughts

May 12, 2018

Music works on our vibration changing our moods. Allow your mind to connect with your soul through music. Music uplifts and moves through our body as we let go and be inspired at the same time. My son and I love going for drives and turning the music up and singing loud as we over […]