My Mums story

Mums story as she saw it from her point of view

One day George said to me he wanted to go to

England to find his family “

just like that” that sounded OK! To me I understood this need of knowing and wanting to find out why and what happened for him to arrive in Australia and yet some part of his family was still in London.

So I said go do what you have to do and said good-bye to him as if he was going to work, I was used to him coming and going but it was usually just a drug binge some were close. This was “England London where in the hell was that”. Continue reading “My Mums story”


The words the fears that go rushing through your head at a pace where there is no escape. Too quick to write them down, to quick to make sense of them.

I am a woman that overthink thinks and forgets to tune in, into my own intuition.

Which is what I should trust that gut that tells us so much.

So I am driving and cannot right but I will find some paper and pen and right in-between lights.

The words that I am thinking of are Fear, Independence, Insecurity. At the moment I am a little insecure because of my finances are low and I feel I have not quiet stood on my own feet again.

As I am slowly taking control of that and starting TO LISTEN TO WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY and stop listening to words and ideas that are not mine. Yes, I like lots of affirmation but I don’t very often feel them personally. I hope that someone will relate to them and change the way they feel for the day.

I put them there for other people to be happy and stop and think. To touch someones heart is amazing for me, so yes I do feel affirmation but through other people’s experience.

My five thoughts to Success

Why do we find it hard to SMILE ?

Why do we find it hard to SMILE ?    

As I ran on the beach the other morning thinking of a smile, the sun is shining down, the smell of the salt air your mind drifts off into thought. I am thinking of how much I have achieved and how hard it has been and how grateful I should be.

What makes us smile?

Do we do the things that make us happy?

Or are we just living day-to-day?

I loved this feeling of freedom but still noticed I was not smiling, maybe on the inside, I was. Then I saw a lady walking listening to her music clapping, swinging her arms to the music, she seemed happy but no smile.

Have we all lost that simple thing called a smile? Has society made us too conscious to smile in public? Your mind is a powerful tool. Continue reading “Why do we find it hard to SMILE ?”

mums story part 3

Mums story part 3

Mum came to Tasmania for your christening and stayed with us for a few weeks, we went on picnics up to the river where there was a park overlooking savage river itself.

You and I went back with mum and stayed on Wayfarer for a while and went sailing with the crew which was Kevin, Chris, Mum and Dad.

We would have BBQs potatoes wrapped in foil and thrown onto the goals of the fire, sausages and oysters. We could collect from the rocks red Nell and plonk, that’s why I wasn’t christened as I refused to drink the red wine which they called blood of Christ.

We eventually came back to live in Sydney and on Sundays when we could we would go to the Wayfarer and go sailing with the crew. I had known Chris and Kevin from the age of twelve. Continue reading “mums story part 3”

Being a Mum

This is one of the hardest jobs to do.

My son is a very difficult child and I have had to learn along the way.

I’m still learning how to make him a better person. My challenges have been from the very beginning.

Going to different therapists to help me with strategies. My child got expelled at the age of 4 years of age from childcare.

He went through a biting stage. This might sound normal but with my little man, he did not stop. He is a very emotional boy trapped in an unfamiliar body.

So his way of getting through this is through anger and hurting people, hitting people. Every day picking up my child from childcare I got spoken too.

With them telling me how bad my child was for the day, I have had this all his life. Continue reading “Being a Mum”