Mum’s story Part 2

This is my real mum’s story part 2

I started working with Boffa’s salon Saturday mornings while I was still at school, then I was offered an apprenticeship when I was 15 years of age just finished school. George and I lived in Chatswood , then moved to Milson’s point, then to Tasmania a mining town called Savage River. There was a general store, garage and pub that’s all I can remember one of every thing. we had a three bedroom house with cheap rent. There wasn’t a lot to do but we had lots of party’s at the pub and I had a little room in the house where I did hair. So when there was a party on I was really busy and then I fell pregnant. Continue reading “Mum’s story Part 2”

Trust as a Stripper

Ok everyone has some kind of trust issues with someone in some kind of way this is my feelings on trust.

I am a strong believer if you break the trust the lust is lost. I was in a relationship for 20 years and did not even look at any one or show that I was interested in any one I was faithful in the biggest way. I did not even do face book much or even have a conversation with the opposite sex unless I was allowed. During this relationship I was a stripper so I had many offers and phone numbers given to me but did not even go there. I went to work and went straight home. I had to text the ex I was in the car and on my way home, but my partner then always questioned me and did not trust me. Everything I did was a question and I felt guilty for things that weren’t true. So trust is very confusing I do the right thing and I still feel guilty. So to prove this to someone is a too hard basket. I already did that for 20 years, I am tired of that. This should just happen naturally, the things I do and say should be enough, not me questioning everything and thinking have I done enough to prove myself.

Stripping was my outlet, it was the one place i could still be myself, I did the most amazing stage shows, it was like acting on stage capturing the audience getting loud applauses it was a place where people well guys and staff and girls loved what I did and liked me. I stripped for over 15 years. I started in Queensland doing pub shows, then working in Sydney doing pub shows and stripper grams driving from house to house on a Saturday night with my cd player by myself. Then I went and did a tour in New Zealand to then moving and working in Melbourne at Bar 20. This was my prim days as I just did penthouse so I came to Melbourne as a star lol.

Sex crazy

Call me crazy, call me sick but I love the sweet smell of sex. I used to want to wash it all away until I met my sweet love of sex games. I love to lie in that sticky love potion. I love the smell of sex in the bed and the next days. Every time I go to the toilet you smell the sweet smell of lust that was amazing. It puts a smile on my face throughout the day. Yes I love to play, I love sex and I love cuddles together just lying around in our smells. Is anyone else as crazy as me? or is this love that must be, be forever and never leave.

Mum story. part 1

This is my real mum’s story of how I came into this world before my sister and I where fostered out. This is her side of the story, it gives me closer and much more and I would love to share this with you.

It is long so I will be breaking it up into sections

A quick beginning as all stories start at the beginning this is mums  story of why things became the way they where from the start.

Well I lived with my grandparents,  my mother worked hard and she was never home. My grandparents were from old school, if I was seen with my back bent or learning against the wall my grandfather ‘Bill Wills’ the man of the house, he would come up and slap my back and shoulders and would preach to me Continue reading “Mum story. part 1”

Poem of loss ???

Well they say spending lots of time together will make you or break you. I think I have accomplished both. We spent a week together, bush walking, camping and hanging out at home, just the two of us. As you read the other post you can see our journey unfold. My feelings are scared and confused; I feel I have damaged the one person that adores me by my silly mistakes i have always made in my life. My magic man is not the same, he is doing lots of thinking and me thinking the worst i have pushed him away and that hurts to say. Continue reading “Poem of loss ???”