Loving Yourself

Feeling Lighter

This has begun to feel easer in life. I am loving the slow and space I am having to nurture myself and simply be myself. I am not feeling pressure to have to be something in the end just enjoying day by day as it all unfolds. Not sure what I am trying to say but I guess I am working my life out as it plays

“You can only love others to the same extent, or, as much as, you love yourself”

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Think Positive thoughts

Think Positive thoughts

Changing my thought pattern

first there comes acceptance, then understanding.


Well I read an article last night, and in hindsight, I wished I had waited until  this morning

 First reaction is my usual fight and flight.

Well I thought it was all about me and how did this make me feel. Angry, upset and not want to continue my path. So I woke up this morning thinking all the negatives and not feeling happy.

“What we think, we become. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.” Buddha

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Things we Forget

The things I forget to survive my emotional rollercoasters.

Putting it all aside thinking it will all be okay and things will be better. Yes, I am back with my magic man. I don’t think too many relationships have done what we have with so many break-ups and back together.

The last one was the longest I thought I could be without him.

The time has come to realise we are good together if I only start listening to my heart and not the negative rest of my thoughts. Continue reading “Things we Forget”

The pain of Hurt Feelings

As I sit, here thinking of the hurt I put someone through. Saying sorry will not change my actions I have already done.

The feeling of losing someone’s trust because you could not trust yourself.

The pause in the text the insecurity talks through your head.

I have made some big bad mistakes, not know why but the feeling of losing is not nice.

I am not sure how I can make it back to the girl he first met that had lots of laughs. Continue reading “The pain of Hurt Feelings”

why Absence of the heart


I have been absence for a reason, things have been difficult to put into words. The done another cycle, but that’s not all.

One thing I cannot mention because the law prohibited. But I can talk about me;  lost alone and unhappy pretending I am ok.  Now I am back with the magic man and have to face that this is good for me and my child. Its ok to ask for help. Accept love and help when needed. Can still be my person at the same time.

I am starting to realise that if I just let life be and not try to control it and be happy within myself. I have found love and happiness. My heart wants to jump in and give all,

but my head does take over and says be careful. If I let all go, I feel I will just want to hide and be scared.

My work is finally kicking off, and it is exciting I have some great ideas but needs work out. So my job is now to break these cycles and talk about it as I feel it coming on so can prevent this all happening again.