Hi all
A little bit about my life and me to help you follow my diary
I am a single mum with one boy  aged 7 years old and learning the struggles of starting again.
When I was 3 years old my real dad left my mum.

My sister was just born; we had no money so my mum gave us up for foster care to some friends of my nana. They already had two older children a boy and a girl. They had not much money themselves, but they took us in any way.
It was a hard up bringing when you have poverty, alcohol, violence, sexual abuse and deprivation of sleep as a child growing up. We did have good times as well.

To add to the family, my foster dad had an affair with a lady adding one more boy to the mix. (From my age 3 years old to 15 years old) when I was 15 years old I met my real mum for the first time, she remarried and had a girl with this man.
My sister and I went and lived with them. I stayed for about a year and then moved out on my own and became a stripper for 15 years. In this time my mum remarried some one new and who had two daughters as well.

I Moved state and met my ex husband where more abuse continued, verbally, degrading me and stopping me from having friends and a life. Then my beautiful child was born and 3 years after he was born we divorced and now magic is in my life.
I hope you enjoy following me.