The words the fears that go rushing through your head at a pace were there is no escape. To quick to right them down, to quick to make sense of them.

I am a woman that over think thinks and forgets to tune in, into my own intuition.

Which is what I should trust that gut that tells us so much.

So I am driving and cannot right but I will find some paper and pen and right in-between lights.

The words that I am thinking of are, Fear, Independence, Insecurity. At the moment I am a little insecure because of my finances are low and I feel I have not quiet stood on my own feet again.

As I am slowly taking control of that and starting TO LISTEN TO WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY and stop listening to words and ideas that are not mine. Yes I like lots of affirmation but I don’t very often feel them personally. I hope that someone will relate to them and change the way they feel for the day.

I put them there for other people to be happy and stop and think. To touch some ones heart is amazing for me, so yes I do feel affirmation but through other people’s experience.

My five thoughts to Success

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