March 16, 2017

Today I rang my step brother MH to find out where the box of photos and memories from my foster parents were that they had left for me. He rang around and found out they have been left in a wrecked car at the back of his block and ruined. He was so angry, MH just wanted to kill someone, […]

Family History

Dear diary

March 11, 2017

  The tears we feel when we have no hope The power we feel when we are alone The magic we hope to find at the end of the rope The time we suffer in silence hoping that no one will find us find us in this state of depth of darkness The lost little […]


a moment of magic

March 11, 2017

I lay on the couch waiting for my orders, a little tipsy from our lovely day and dinner together, waiting for my pleasure to take place. He enters the room, coming from the bedroom with a smirk of lust on his face. He takes my hand and asked me who do I belong too, me saying […]

Bedroom eyes

The beginning

March 7, 2017

Dear diary This will be scatted events and stories of my life of struggle, happiness and abuse. We can put it all together. Don’t look into my stories and see the pain I was in Look into my story’s and see the strength I have become. I lost myself as a little girl and have […]

Life struggles