mums story part 3

Mums story part 3

Mum came to Tasmania for your christening and stayed with us for a few weeks, we went on picnics up to the river where there was a park overlooking savage river itself.

You and I went back with mum and stayed on Wayfarer for a while and went sailing with the crew which was Kevin, Chris, Mum and Dad.

We would have BBQs potatoes wrapped in foil and thrown onto the goals of the fire, sausages and oysters. We could collect from the rocks red Nell and plonk, that’s why I wasn’t christened as I refused to drink the red wine which they called blood of Christ.

We eventually came back to live in Sydney and on Sundays when we could we would go to the Wayfarer and go sailing with the crew. I had known Chris and Kevin from the age of twelve. Continue reading “mums story part 3”

Being a Mum

This is one of the hardest jobs to do.

My son is a very difficult child and I have had to learn along the way. I’m still learning how to make him a better person. My challenges have been from the very beginning.

Going to different therapists to help me with strategies. My child got expelled at the age of 4 years of age from child care.

He went through a biting stage. This might sound normal but with my little man, he did not stop. He is a very emotional boy trapped in an unfamiliar body.

So his way of getting through this is  through anger and hurting people, hitting people. Every day picking up my child from child care I got spoken too. With them telling me how bad my child was for the day, I have had this all his life. Continue reading “Being a Mum”

Mum’s story Part 2

This is my real mum’s story part 2

I started working with Boffa’s salon Saturday mornings while I was still at school, then I was offered an apprenticeship when I was 15 years of age just finished school. George and I lived in Chatswood , then moved to Milson’s point, then to Tasmania a mining town called Savage River. There was a general store, garage and pub that’s all I can remember one of every thing. we had a three bedroom house with cheap rent. There wasn’t a lot to do but we had lots of party’s at the pub and I had a little room in the house where I did hair. So when there was a party on I was really busy and then I fell pregnant. Continue reading “Mum’s story Part 2”

Mum story. part 1

This is my real mum’s story of how I came into this world before my sister and I where fostered out. This is her side of the story, it gives me closer and much more and I would love to share this with you.

It is long so I will be breaking it up into sections

A quick beginning as all stories start at the beginning this is mums  story of why things became the way they where from the start.

Well I lived with my grandparents,  my mother worked hard and she was never home. My grandparents were from old school, if I was seen with my back bent or learning against the wall my grandfather ‘Bill Wills’ the man of the house, he would come up and slap my back and shoulders and would preach to me Continue reading “Mum story. part 1”

The Past Abuse

Wow, where to begin. As I am trying to think of which bad experience to right about, my neck starts to tighten and my throat feels like someone is choking me, my mouth is filling with saliva not knowing what to say, so I am going to start with what came up when I was self coaching myself the other day.

I use to get called dumb and stupid a lot, this was when I was around 12 years old (well I remember it always happening) by my step brother and then I married into that, how does that work? the fears and disbeliefs we go through as a child we carry that into our adult hood, unless we learn to stand up and believe in our selves,  we will still keep attracting it.

Continue reading “The Past Abuse”