This is not me falling for you

To my cowboy FWB man

This is not me falling for you

This is me saying you’re a legend in the bedroom

I want you to smell yummy and hot for my own pleasures

This smell is for me to get off at my own leisure

And For you to taste my sweet sugar

You have a way of throwing me around

I laugh and love it and want more than ever

More of you deep inside as I fly through the sky when you are inside

You are so powerful when you cum as I nearly hit the window and scream some

You press my arms so deep into the bed

As I smile and watch your head between my legs

I squirm with pleasure and laugh when Cumming

You are some cowboy fun. (Giddy Up)

So hot and sweaty just the way I like it, slippery and wet I will never fight it

So put your sweet smell on and let’s begin

Let’s have some fun my FWB man (yeehaw)

From your ma’am as a friend


Magic Potion in a Bath with Rose Peddles

love potion

Magic Potion in a Bath with Rose Peddles

The fantasy awaits, as I dream of my place

The night I come home to rose peddles at the gate

I open the front door and smell the rose oil

as the room is so warm from candles lights down the hall

I follow the trail, that leads to a room

I open the door as rose peddles cover the floor

I see the deep white bath with red ever so beautiful and dark

the smell is so romantic and hit me in my heart

I am blessed to have some romantic rack who really is smart

no, he will treat me like a princess behind closed doors

but when he is out I am Mrs Clause

I slip my clothes off and enter the bath

and on the side with my favourite part

a glass of Bailey’s as I sip do us apart

give me some romance with a mans behind

and I will sit and what and feel divine

loving this manifesting and being apart

I will soon create the man I want





Poem and Words

Behind closed doors no one knows

The painful happening that goes on

The smile we walk around with always bright

We find the pain ever so dark

Like for me a lost little girl

Alone and nothing to feel, always shutting down the body control

As I grow with in myself this blog is helping me let go of past life

I hope you find your way to grow and let go of all that is grey.