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a magic life to be

July 20, 2018

But who pulls those strings Is it an imagination we play? Or is it real, what is real I am lost and lonely for one friend But I get mixed emotions when I think of him Yes I could go the other way And feel nothing and enjoy just living Or do I go with […]


Random thoughts

May 12, 2018

Music works on our vibration changing our moods. Allow your mind to connect with your soul through music. Music uplifts and moves through our body as we let go and be inspired at the same time. My son and I love going for drives and turning the music up and singing loud as we over […]



July 7, 2017

Your body will be relaxed and your mind will be clear. Regular Massage can build and help your body maintain its relaxed state and help your muscles to remain loose even during times of physical and mental stress. So book in today and regular your body is your home.


Finding the happiness within

May 20, 2017

My question is why do we confuse and question our self, by doing this we only put our self though pain and no sleep. I guess it is a process if we learn from it good. Yes I have done it again pushed the man who only stands by me when I am a  mess.

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