Positive Mindsets, positive breeds positive.

positive breeds positive.

your thoughts are things.

This is an important thing to remember any and every time you overcome negative thoughts, fears, and anxiety. studies show positive people live on an average 15% longer than negative people. are you letting your imagination run away with you in the right direction? if you think negative you bring about the negative, and if you think positive, you bring about positive.

Perhaps achieve this type of mental outlook is not as easy as it sounds, but the one thing you must remember is that you are worth it. Breath in the positive and breath out and release the negative, making sure you get a good nights sleep, and above all, believe you are worth it. No more playing out scenarios in your head when you should be sleeping. You owe yourself to stop making a mountain out of a molehill.

go ahead, give it a try!

Remember, positive breeds positive.

Self awareness



sitting in your own space

This is about pausing and clearing the mind

taking the time to self reflect

The day has come where I sit alone

I have deleted all that does not serve my future

I have reached a point where I need to be alone

Being alone is not my best side as I feel I always need that distraction in life.

But now I am trying and fighting to need for old to play and new to feed

We all struggle with life’s difficulty’s

How do you manage?

I do lots of pausing before reacting

And some times that work and some times I react

if I put me to good and do the things that need doing

I put my self in the right place of acting and not reacting

Take time out for me

But there is always that time when you are alone and your mind wants to explore the old and not the new

Dame that’s hard lol

Enjoy your day and stay true to yourself we are all human and make good and bad choices


Love 💗 self awarness

Finding the happiness within

My question is why do we confuse and question our self. By doing this we only put our self though pain and no sleep.

I guess it is a process if we learn from it good. Yes I have done it again pushed the man who only stands by me when I am a  mess.

The love of my life

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