Self awareness

The day has come where I sit alone

I have deleted all that does not serve my future

I have reached a point where I need to do my things and be able to sit with it

Being alone is not my best side as I feel I always need that distraction in life to help me through

But now I am trying and fighting to need for old to play and new to look at new

We all struggle with life’s difficulty’s

How do you manage?

I do lots of pausing before reacting

And some times that works

Or put myself to good use in doing the things that need to be done

And things that I enjoy

Take time out for me

But there is always that time when you are alone and your mind wants to explode in the old

Dame that’s hards lol

Enjoy your day and stay true to yourself we are all human and make good and bad choices

Love 💗

Does my wall lock them out or keep me prisoner ?

I am at no turning point

It is not a game

The feelings I don’t feel

I hind them in shame

Not knowing what to do any more

But what I already know

Is to shut them out and not feel any more

My life is not painful or is it in love

I just keep going about work and life’s jobs

Not sure if I will ever let someone in

As this is life as I know it is

So I guess I will keep running and keep all away

Because that is my life as in May

Maybe some day someone will know what to say

And make my wall fall away

You all have a nice day

Finding the happiness within

My question is why do we confuse and question our self. By doing this we only put our self though pain and no sleep.

I guess it is a process if we learn from it good. Yes I have done it again pushed the man who only stands by me when I am a  mess.

The love of my life

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