a magic life to be

But who pulls those strings
Is it an imagination we play?
Or is it real, what is real
I am lost and lonely for one friend
But I get mixed emotions when I think of him
Yes I could go the other way
And feel nothing and enjoy just living
Or do I go with the crazy heart beat I feel
I have made up my mind but I need to check in


Check in and see if I can handle it for the rest of my life
Can I break this cycle and am comfortable with which I am?
And share that place of care
Can I be proud it’s ok to feel good and not try to make everything ok for all?
For all but me to keep the Pease
That my journey now and I am on my way
Look out to my future my final destiny I am coming
I am coming to stop rest and be the best forever.

Random thoughts

Music works on our vibration changing our moods. Allow your mind to connect with your soul through music. Music uplifts and moves through our body as we let go and be inspired at the same time. My son and I love going for drives and turning the music up and singing loud as we over express the words.

Life can be a challenge just every day to day but if we free our self and listen to the messages and sign it can change how we see things. I love playing with this, I see lots of the same numbers in time, and I also take note if I turn on the radio what song is playing to what the message is behind it. Messages are everywhere.



It is what it is

Thousand words can’t bring you back. I know because I’ve tried. But i am not allowed

And neither would a million tears i know you have cried and it is what is.

I am not allowed to let my past interfere with my future as it was what it was.

FEAR of facing our deepest fears has set it apart.

Finding the happiness within

My question is why do we confuse and question our self, by doing this we only put our self though pain and no sleep. I guess it is a process if we learn from it good. Yes I have done it again pushed the man who only stands by me when I am a  mess.

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