Well I have been told that a blog is about happy times too. Today I am feeling happy but was not going to blog. Happy is an unfamiliar word to me, I feel it then quickly shut it down before it takes over me, but this week coming I want to forget and feel what happy is all about, this is my challenge and adventure and mmm scared to feel all at one time. So this week coming I am going on an adventure in the bush and just hoping to let go to the universe let it take me on a journey to feelings I have lost and blocked out and take me to a wild and crazy and amazing place of what I am meant to be feeing. I want to pause, feel and hold on to those magic feelings and bring them back to my home and set them free. I am putting all my trust in my magic man who is taking me to his magic places that make him feel amazing and connect with nature. I want to feel what makes him happy and understand the beautiful person that has so much to offer. I can have to worst days and be in the saddest moments and as soon as he holds me in his arms I melt , holding him tight, taking the deepest breaths and everything feels safe and the pain goes away with every breath and smile he gives me.

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