one door shuts the other opens


one door closes one door opens

when you are sure of the closing of the door you see new opportunity comes to you. embrace don’t ask just trust what is in front of you. I have come to another time of disappointment, but this time it is different. I read, I felt, I got a message and said this is a passive control of capturing me and not setting me free. free to be my own person and learn my own way. yes there maybe mistakes but that my learning. lets hope next time round I can be shown the light with out the darkness. i feel this is where I belong and I will find my tribe here. the fun, laughter, spiritual crazy journey. the last two to three years have been big, I have fallen into dark places, I have bounce of walls and done some crazy stuff, I have done some bald moves not every one can do. yes never regret only learn that’s me. hard to let go but easy when the lesson is learned.

I have learned to pause and not fight as this just leads to unhappy spite.

to be controlled is hard to see as passive as it can be


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