Emotional Feelings


Let’s paint a picture of how this went. It was about 2pm in the afternoon magic man and I are doing some blogging stuff sipping port, all is good. Then we get the fire started as we keep drinking before dinner. Onto the red vino now we start playing our usual games of talking about our feelings. This game we made up, like all our little games. This time one would pick past, present or future and the other would ask a personal question relating to that time of their life. So as you can guess we got some pretty juicy information about each other. It is always dangerous playing these games you can find out a lot you would not even think or want to say in general life. Continue reading “Emotional Feelings”

The Dirty House

Yes this is the house I grew up in, the high school days. My sister nick named it the “dirty house” which I never could see it as dirty only a poor house. The house was just off a busy main road slightly lower than the road, on a hill. It was a normal looking house front, door in the middle, with windows either side of the door, the kind of one you see in kids stories. A little garden at the front. Off to the left as you stand facing the front door was a big tree and a concrete hill under the tree, this is an important spot my foster mum and we used to sit at night until dad, who would be drunk, stopped abusing my foster mum and he  fell asleep.

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