Random Words

Random words

 The words that clutter our heads, negativity let’s try to reframe it to positive.

Waking up is the most important mind-set you can grab? Stop pause lye there and thinking how do I want my day to be like. This was me yesterday and yes it worked.

The day before yesterday was a day I would love to forget. I felt worthless, no good at being a mother and everything I said was out of anger and should not have been said out loud.


So I woke up said to myself I am going to approach everything with a smile, pause and think of how to redirect the negative into positive. The day was amazing felt tired at the end of the day in the most different way. The satisfaction and calming way of tired. The way life should feel at the end of the day.

 oppose to the other day. I was feeling of worthless and wanting to hide and crawl up into a little ball. I cried so hard my body was trembling and feelings of weakness. I put it all down on paper released it into the universe and calmed down. Still feeling weak but release at the same time climbed into bed and let it go. I did feel like calling someone as this is what usually happens but this time it is my turn to look after myself and work this out. Latterly I have been given by the universe time to myself and this has made me face me and make my own decisions.

Reframing the way you see things will help you move towards your goals of being happy.