A little bit about me now

I am a Remedial Massage Therapist (with over 11 years experience), transitioning into life coaching and energy work and am looking forward to life changes and helping you discover yours. I am inĀ  the process of creating work shops from simple massage techniques for family and friendsĀ to mind-blowing material in transforming your life. I look forward to encouraging you to find your magic in life-like I am doing. this is your journey, your goals, your process into making a better life for yourself and close ones around you. I will be starting with massage work, making my way into coaching and enlightening the power in you. yourself will gain a deeper understanding of what drives your results in life and learn valuable techniques to overcome barriers and the know how to get in-stuck. follow me to help you gain your future of your dreams.


My five thoughts to Sucess

I am back. I think one of the blog rules is to blog regularly. I guess that’s my life I start things get exciting, and then something happens, and you get bored, side-tracked or just fall in a hole.” Yep, which way is up “. I had all of the above, now what happened. I had to pull away from stuff to sit and find what I want in life, hey guess what still don’t know, but I am slowly trying to break old habits and be creative and work on my strengths, which are fairness, kindness, bravery and spirit. Well at the moment I am living only half of them. I have lost my courage and spirit.
I FEEL I NEED TO FIND STRENGTH Continue reading My five thoughts to Sucess