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Feelings of Numb

May 1, 2018

I have become so numb over my life. How do we let this happen? Life becomes a routine of things to do. Wake up coffee, work, kids and sleep. Then do it all again, when do we have time to feel what makes us alive and feel again. When we shut down it is hard […]

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Poem of loss ???

April 8, 2017

Well they say spending lots of time together will make you or break you. I think I have accomplished both. We spent a week together, bush walking, camping and hanging out at home, just the two of us. As you read the other post you can see our journey unfold. My feelings are scared and […]

Diary Feelings

Poem and Words

March 22, 2017

Behind closed doors no one knows The painful happening that goes on The smile we walk around with¬†always bright We find the pain ever so dark Like for me a lost little girl Alone and nothing to feel, always shutting down the body control As I grow with in myself this blog is helping me […]