The Magic Mans Story (Relationship)

when I first started texting and seeing the magic man, he texted me some thing that blew me away. That moment I new we had started connecting. He text, “I am bored send me a story”, I love that shit, I do that myself. Any way this is one of his story’s to me. When we first met you were always smiling and positive. Never sad or angry and never upset. With everything going on in your life I knew you were either holding it and hiding  what you were feeling or you were hiding from it. I knew in either case you needed to open up and let go I just didn’t know how to make it happen. This beautiful girl who offered so much to the people around her needed someone to offer something she needed, someone to take her in their arms and hold her. It was all I wanted to do. To just be with her and hold her because when ever I did she clung to me like a little girl that needed comfort from the monster in her cupboard. I could see and feel when her head was presses against my chest there was so much more she wasn’t telling me. This beautiful girl deserved so much to be happy. Not the smile and that cheer that people around her saw but truly happy right through to the deepest part of her soul. This is true what he saw so early in our time together was amazing, I still to this day struggle with the word HAPPPY.

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