A Moment of Magic

by pandora
naughty sex talk

I lay on the couch waiting for my orders, a little tipsy from our lovely day and dinner together, waiting for my pleasure to take place.

He enters the room, coming from the bedroom with a smirk of lust on his face. He takes my hand and asked me who do I belong too, me saying “you sir”. he takes out a silk long black blind fold, rapping it gently and firm around my eyes asking “can you see little girl” me “no sir”. “good girl” he replies.

Then leading me into the bedroom and taking my cloths off, sitting me on the end of the bed. I feel the warmth of the candles, the smell of the burning candles an amazing sensation. I feel a cold riding crop being run over my naked body with a whack on my smooth skin making me flinch with pleasure. he pushes me back on the bed. I can feel the cold soft rose petals which cover the bed on my naked flesh, as I slide up to the top of the bed, he takes my hands tying them one at a time to my bed. then spreading my legs apart and as I listen to his clothes coming off, picturing it with my eyes blind folded. feeling the tingles between my thighs as he runs the whip over my nipples smacking my nipples sending sensations of pain and tingles all over my body… And the rest belongs to you …

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