Be My Valentine

by pandora
be my valentine

The first time I met you

I thought, wow, his is hot

he looks after himself

and I like it a lot

I wanted to check out your butt all night

but the universe chooses

we were not quite right

and helped us go our separate ways

but now the time has come for us to stay

As we fell into each other’s arms

the way it just worked is not to be questioned

as we start our new journey without our past reflections

we seem to be on the same level of perfection

the healthy, the no drinking, and no past strain

the positive mindset we gain

our freedom with our work is the fate

as it gives us the freedom to be together

we are passionate and ready to learn about each other

learn and grow our paths together

so, hears to an exciting new future forever

if we feel the same for each other

as we learn to love and express with honesty and trust.

Let take each other’s hands on this new path.

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