Facing your vagina

by pandora

Do you feel comfortable with looking at your vagina?

I am a woman just like you and yes I use to feel uncomfortable looking at my vagina but she is your best friend. If you want to feel intimacy and sexual you need to get it to touch with what makes you feel excited, the vagina has many sensations and every woman is different. We hold blocks and fears which stops us from loving our vaginas. You all have a story and I love this because you have a choice to make you feel excited and loved and amazing. “your choice.”

How you ask?

Let’s just say if you don’t know what feels good how is your partner meant to know. Well, I guess he will try all sorts of things but if you don’t guide him he may just lose interest, not because he doesn’t love making you feel good but because you are, (not meaning too)giving him a sense of worthlessness. You see men are very simple they like to please there lady and make them feel good because then you will want to return the favour as you both connect in a special loving way.

Getting in touch with you.

some simple exercises are looking into the mirror at your vagina, then exploring feel, felt, touch and finding sensations you like, so you can share and enjoy together.

Sex is fun if we just get out of our heads and not be so busy that we cannot fit each other’s needs of pleasure in. we are at a time where time is on our side and should take advantage of this and start to explore each other, like when we first met. We need to explore our own bodies and find out what works for you and then we can share this with our partners. That’s why we are here yes PLEASURE NoT PAIN.

mirror feel felt touch work

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