Why Do We Find It Hard To SMILE ?

by pandora

Why do we find it hard to SMILE ?

As I ran on the beach the other morning thinking of a smile, the sun is shining down, the smell of the salt air your mind drifts off into thought. I am thinking of how much I have achieved and how hard it has been and how grateful I should be.





What makes us smile?

Do we do the things that make us happy?

Or are we just living day-to-day?

I loved this feeling of freedom but still noticed I was not smiling, maybe on the inside, I was. Then I saw a lady walking listening to her music clapping, swinging her arms to the music, she seemed happy but no smile.

Have we all lost that simple thing called a smile? Has society made us too conscious to smile in public? Your mind is a powerful tool.

There are lots of different positive messages out there, but we still choose to suffer in silence.

We don’t respect the power of our minds; you can change your day just by taking the time to smile and give that smile to someone as they walk past and change their day too.

We read a lot of positive affirmations every day but they do not resonate, or we don’t know how to take action. Let’s create better experiences for ourselves, do you a favour.

We all play safe in our lives because it is easy and comfortable, but we secretly know that we are not serving our highest purpose in life. Be aware of these safe actions that are making you stuck in your life. Start planting little seeds and push yourself out of your comfort zone, start with smiling in public.


Thinking of something silly or something that made you laugh and hold onto that, enjoy how it makes you feel and affect the people around you. Making healthy choices is hard sometimes, but that’s what makes it worth it, choosing right over easy. Take control of your mind. It’s your life……and your choices.

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