Mum story part 1

by pandora

Mum Story Part 1

This is my real mum’s story of how I came into this world before my sister and I where fostered out. This is her side of the story, it gives me closer and much more and I would love to share this with you.

It is long so I will be breaking it up into sections

A quick beginning as all stories start at the beginning this is mums  story of why things became the way they where from the start.

Well I lived with my grandparents,  my mother worked hard and she was never home. My grandparents were from old school, if I was seen with my back bent or learning against the wall my grandfather ‘Bill Wills’ the man of the house, he would come up and slap my back and shoulders and would preach to me ‘your a Wills my dear be proud of that and stand tall’. he was diagnosed as being visually blind and was a great old man he was. He would strap my back while I did my  homework so I wasn’t slouching over my books. I ended up living at Den and peter’s for six months and cried every night as I tried to learn my ten times table and maths in general. As a kid and thoughts of my own a family new nothing, I wasn’t happy with my mother she got married and lived on a boat and left me with Nana and Pa I did have some fun weekends sailing with Mum and Dad Chris, Kevin and Nevil they where the crew always same crew members it was a family to me.  Anyway I started hairdressing and left home to live with one of the girls I worked with.  Your father I met in a laundry matt he was hanging out in the corner playing his guitar while waiting for his cloths to dry, what a handsome dude he was. We married of course, mum didn’t like him but that was ok!! I was in love with a real live junkie.

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