The Pain of Hurt Feelings

by pandora

The pain of Hurt Feelings

As I sit, here thinking of the hurt I put someone through. Saying sorry will not change my actions I have already done.

The feeling of losing someone’s trust because you could not trust yourself.

The pause in the text the insecurity talks through your head.

I have made some big bad mistakes, not know why but the feeling of losing is not nice.

I am not sure how I can make it back to the girl he first met that had lots of laughs.

There has been some magic moment and also some dark ones too. I am hoping I can gain confident in feeling less restricted of the power of the brain and to free the heart and happiness again.

My mind keeps falling back to the pain I have created, and I can feel myself taking it slow. I am holding back of letting myself go with feelings as I feel it is the same pattern as before.

I want it to be different this time. Thinking everything I do want to make it real and prove my actions are proof. Proof that I am trying to change my cycle and stick by him as he has for me.

This man is my soul mate, and I want to feel our openness again with no sadness in each other’s minds.

We can enjoy our deep conversation and games again with freedom of trust and love. I have wanted to say those words the last day, but I don’t want them to just sound like words, just words.

Three things to recognise to stop the circle of cycles

  1. Stop notice that feeling of lost and lonely
  2. Talk to the one you trust, so they can help you get off that circle.
  3. Face it, breathe it and change your thought pattern

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