The Life Changing Experience is About to Happen

by pandora

The Life Changing Experience is About to Happen

The life-changing experience is about to happen. The last three months have been a big turnaround for me.  I have not been so pausing in my life and I am starting to enjoy stopping and smelling the flowers.

Don’t get me wrong I have still been up to a lot of crazy stuff, but that is just me. Yes, I am still with my Magic man.

Black and white, I have sold my house and am moving to Queensland and this all happens on the 2nd of November. As for my Magic man, yes he is just as crazy as me, he has left his job, finishing renovations on his house and selling it. Also building a pushbike and riding it up to Cape York for a charity that is close to his heart, Asperger’s,

The emotional side has been tough but kind to me as well. The selling and moving came about when my ex only claimed half of his wages for the year. He only worked for six months and was in Thailand with his girlfriend for the other six months.

So my child support was cut in half. I was not able to survive in my business as it was taking time to build up. So I had to make a big decision, before going code red in the mortgage. Yes, I had lots of support from friends and the two closest two I are amazing. So the whole idea was to sell and buy something for less money, pay off the car and bills and have a little in the bank.

Well, nothing was descent to live around here at the price I was looking at; my heart was dropping, feeling like a failure to my son. Not being able to give him something nice. I cracked the shits and started looking in Gympie, Queensland.

I have a couple of good friends that way. In doing this I was risking my heart being torn apart, from leaving my Magic Man who is amazing. I went crazy with lots of emotions but holding it all together for the world to see I am strong and ok.

The place feels good and it is going to be an amazing adventure to settle down too.

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