Magic Potion in a Bath with Rose Peddles

by pandora

The fantasy awaits, as I dream of my place

The night I come home to rose peddles at the gate

I open the front door and smell the rose oil

as the room is so warm from candles lights down the hall

I follow the trail, that leads to a room

I open the door as rose peddles cover the floor

I see the deep white bath with red ever so beautiful and dark

the smell is so romantic and hit me in my heart

I am blessed to have some romantic rack who really is smart

no, he will treat me like a princess behind closed doors

but when he is out I am Mrs Clause

I slip my clothes off and enter the bath

and on the side with my favourite part

a glass of Bailey’s as I sip do us apart

give me some romance with a mans behind

and I will sit and what and feel divine

loving this manifesting and being apart

I will soon create the man I want

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