Mum’s Story Part 2

by pandora

This is my real mum’s story part 2

I started working with Boffa’s salon Saturday mornings while I was still at school, then I was offered an apprenticeship when I was 15 years of age just finished school. George and I lived in Chatswood , then moved to Milson’s point, then to Tasmania a mining town called Savage River. There was a general store, garage and pub that’s all I can remember one of every thing. we had a three bedroom house with cheap rent. There wasn’t a lot to do but we had lots of party’s at the pub and I had a little room in the house where I did hair. So when there was a party on I was really busy and then I fell pregnant. We where over the moon, we celebrated people came from the mines and hung out with us. We bought Disney stickers and put them all over the walls of your bedroom, a beautiful cot with netting flowing down from the ceiling to the floor. We where happy as pigs in mud and we really had a great life. We travelled back and forth to Sydney a lot, I stayed with Mum, Dad, Chris and Kevin. We went sailing on the wayfarer and George would roam kings cross and feed his habits while I stayed on the wayfarer. ( The wayfarer was the first yacht to start the Sydney to Hobart race, my grandfather Peter Luke) He would pick me up when he had finished. On one of our trips to Sydney we bought a car, a station wagon so we could drive to Burnie which was 70 miles from the mining town we lived in, no ambulance there. The other time coming back from Sydney we bought two blocks of land as we were going to build a mansion for our daughter. We now know your sex, so every thing became pink and purple. ( I wondered why my favourite colours where pink and purple). because I was bought up by my grandparents, those days you did not speak of sex or how you came into the world. I was from a cabbage patch in my fairy garden, so when my water broke and my bed was soaking wet I ran next door not knowing what had happened, George was already at work. well all hell broke loose bags were grabbed finally cloths where changed they rang the mines found George and we took off to Burnie. Burnie here we come 70 miles of the windiest road in the world, we arrived at the hospital and you didn’t want to come so George went back to work at the mines. six hours later you arrived, Wow!! The most beautiful girl in the world had arrived and 5 days later George picked us up to go home to your baby room that George finished off while I stayed in hospital with blankets, nappies, mobiles and lots of other things you were very spoiled was our baby girl now named Pandora.

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