My Five Thoughts to Success

by pandora

My five thoughts to Success


I am back.  think one of the blog rules is to blog regularly.  Guessing that’s my life I start things get exciting, and then something happens, and you get bored, side-tracked or just fall in a hole.” Yep, which way is up “.

I had all of the above, now what happened.  having to pull away from stuff to sit and find what I want in life, hey guess what still don’t know, but I am slowly trying to break old habits and be creative and work on my strengths, which are fairness, kindness, bravery and spirit.

Well at the moment I am living only half of them.  having lost my courage and spirit. I FEEL I NEED TO FIND STRENGTH

feeling good about my choices as it is giving me space to move and think. It’s time to get Bold and be brave, starting with getting myself out there.

As a single mom, I have had no choice but to stop and pause, look after my child needs and struggle financially.

I was once a very successful business woman.

I created a massage business, shop premises with two rooms running from 9 am to 8 pm. With about seven staff working for me, now most of them I trained to work a certain way to help them achieve their goals and half of them are now successfully working their own business.

As of now, I am starting again. So it is slow and I do not have as much contact with the social world and this is killing my confidence. Just something as simple as saying hello to new people I am finding hard. How can one lose something that use to be so natural to me? So I guess I am looking for success again

My five thoughts for success would be

  1.  Know what I want
  2.  Take action, be bold
  3. Notice what’s going on;
  4. Be confident
  5. Think smart

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