My frequency of pleasure

by pandora


Today I am realising I am ready for the next level in life

Time to stop fucking around at a lower level and paying the price

My frequency is ready to shine and be teased

I want to be taken to a place of unleashed

One that will tease me and make me screams in pleasure

I want to be on a level of pleasure and pain that is my game

I trust that no man has ever gone with the flam

The game will consist of orders from sir

As I trust and listen and purr

My mind is ready to be taken away with only the stop sign is what I will have to say

We will have the rules of trust and he will turn me into mush

My body will tremble and flow likes a stream as I scream and pant with no shame to be seen

I will surrender my body to sir with all his commands

As he pleases and teases me with his mind and his hands

There will be some rope and some blind folds and a whip

And maybe some candles and Champaign to sip  

We must not forget the best one is his kiss

He will kiss me all over with his tongue and hot lips

My pussy will throb and drip as he pleases

As I wait for his cock to sleep in  

I am a women who is sexually driven in life but this time I am bored with just cock inside

I crave for my mind body and soul to be stimulated

So open your mind but before you approach as you will not get in without the ropes

Let’s see who the universe has served for me

To explore the next level of whom I am pleasing to be

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