My Story

by pandora
my colorful house

My promise to you is to start feeling again, find happiness within, and start reconnecting in your relationship.

My name is Pandora, and for a long time, let’s say, most of my life that I can remember. My survival was to shut down and protect and run away from what was right for me. As a child, happiness, as I saw my stepparents growing up, was arguments and violence. When someone promised me something, it wouldn’t happen, so for me to feel or even to know what happiness was all lies for me.

The pain I went through was something no one could understand as I felt nothing, which was normal for me. I learned to live and think this is what hurt is all about.

The self-sabotage I created was real, and this started a toxic life for me. And guess what I thought this was normal in my eyes.

I came from violence, abuse, and poverty. (with my stepfamily) Then I found exotic dancing, which gave me the freedom of expression and money, which lend to independence. Still, I had to shut down to dance naked for all these strange men. so it was a perfect little world for me.

I know how to shut down, loved the acting side of it, just expressing my naked body through music, which I still loved to do. I wish there were a space to do it without judgment.

There you go, another belief to release for 2021. yay, go, team Pandora, you got this.

This industry came with Flaws. Yes, I started to get into the drug scene. I used to only do it on my days off, not while working. I was different than the other girls, and I treaded it as an outlet to make money. The weekend and days off, I shut down my body, mind, and soul, and I leant towards not facing any reality at all with drugs, dance parties, and excellent doof doof music.

Then I met my ex-husband. He was perfect at this time of my life. He was full of knowledge, being nine years older. He helped me get off drugs, but I was still dancing because this is all I knew how to do.

Getting into exotic dancing so young, at the age of 17years old, I was 23 years old when I met my ex-husband. I had just done penthouse.

The photo shoot was in kings cross, what an experience.

then I moved to Melbourne and was a superstar again.; loving the attention and fame.

My ex-husband did not like this one bit. he tried many manipulative and different ways to get me out of this industry. But I set rules in the beginning of our relationship do not hit me, do not take my money, and do not ask me to stop dancing.

This made it hard for him, so he turned to verbal abuse manipulation. In the end, after ten years, he forced me in a way of hating my body and my self-image. He put me down a lot and controlled me also.

After 15 years of dancing, I ended up cutting my hair short and putting on weight—a big no-no in the lap dance industry. I turned to hate my looks and how I felt about myself. When I moved to Melbourne, it was all about pole dancing, lap dances, and working the stage performing.

When I finally woke up and left my ex-husband, it felt like I was free and strong. I was running on ego and adrenaline. I left my ex-husband with my four-year-old boy and had enough abuse as it became public and embarrassing.

I was hoping for a better life.

I did get one after a lot of work on myself. Finding who I am, finding the little girl of fun again, and finding feelings was the most significant achievement.

After a year or so, I started to reach out for help, finding coaching, and doing a coaching course myself. I then stumbled on Theta healing, which is where my passion is.

I love this tremendous simple process, which you too can use every day and is scientifically proven. Reset mindset.

I faced the pain alone first and was getting no forwards results, only sadness of sitting in my shit. I started a blog, and this helped immensely, and I still have this blog.

The solution is now easy and effortlessly, and I use these tools consistently in everyday life. I am a new woman with new beliefs and a positive manifesting lifestyle. I am receiving and giving as I move forwards in life. I am surrounding myself with amazing people and friends.

Know what happiness feels like, wow and having a sense of direction is indescribable.

I have created a step-by-step life-changing system. that you can use every day and make the changes you desire. I will guide you and show you how to feel again, be proud of who you are, love yourself too, and have fun doing it. Your relationship will become connected again, and you will send an attractive new positive fun frequency. We are all walking frequency and energy. What you think is your energy, and you will attract this into your life.

I love the feeling and laughing and just loving being be. that fun little girl I lost years ago. I have found purpose again and am loving sharing this gift and watching women shift and be unique.

So, are you in?

Are you ready to make a change?

Only you can put the work in!

reach out and message me to find out the first step you need to take.

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