Naughty Sex Talk

by pandora
Naughty Sex Talk

The animal inside him, waiting to pounce

like a quiet lion who loves to come out

only behind those bedroom doors

he opens up his lion and roars

he likes to please his mistress all night

as he takes control and pins her real tight

pins her down with his firm, soft hands

but lightly caresses her thighs like a man

as he goes down with light kisses

kissing her thighs as she quivers and squirms

the pleasure she feels with his dominant control

he goes in to eat her and takes control

the bedroom is his pleasure room, and no one sees

that loin can not be tamed but only by me

his hands so soft rubbing lightly over her body

as she relaxes and starts to make those noises

her pussy pulsating and wanting more

as he roars and consumes her some more.

she tries to squirm and getaway,

but he pins her down and says, you stay

I want to watch you come while I play

his dick is so hard and big right now

I can feel it on my skin as I want it now

as he comes up and kisses me wild and passionate

I flip him over on his back, and it’s my turn to smile

I go down as I kiss his stomach

his cock is hot, as I want it inside me

sliding my lips over his amazing hard cock

it so hard it just turns me on

he holds my hair away from my face so he can watch

watch my lips slid down all the way

I take it deep, and as he gives that pulse

I feel a vibration both front and back

his cock is a magnet for my cunt to have

a pull for my lips to handle, and then I want more

yes, I am impatient, and I jump on top

onto his hot cock as I slide and feel it hit the top

wow, I can scream fuck he is all I want

the rest is up to your imagination

because I am horny, and it is time to play.