Fear Of Accepting Your Child Is Different

by pandora

We love our children dearly sometimes we hide behind the truth. I have been battling this for a long time. Now it has become dangerous. So I have pushed and faced the fact that this is not normal behaviour.

Yes everyone has their own input but not everyone has been around my child all the time. The things that happen behind closed doors, I have just been putting up with hoping everything will be normal soon. Yes we do have good days but then it goes back to verbal abuse and hitting and not letting me out of the room to breaking things.

Now we have started the medication and I am numb and not knowing what to feel. I listen to everyone having their opinion but how do I feel about this? I have had enough of the abuse and am going to go with the flow and see how this affects him. I am the mother in control and I will do what’s best for my child. But sometimes the heart gets in the way and we make some sad choices.

I do feel relieved and also concern, but I have always just wanted for him to fit in and have friends. WHEN YOUR MOTHER SENDS YOU A TEXT LIKE THIS

The truth hurts.


I may have moved to paradise but i am not in paradise yet.

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