Pleasure 1996 Penthouse

by pandora

Pleasure and Pain have just begun

This is me in penthouse in 1996. I walked down Kings cross at about 6am in the morning nothing but an inspector jacket on and just removing it when the pictures were taken. I had so much fun, I even got a guy following us around and the police asking us to move on as the traffic was building up.

Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl.

They met online not KNOWING what would fall.

Fall into place and end up apart.

But still longing to be TOGETHER.

I long for the day that life would stand still so I could pop those pills.

Those pills of help I wish I did not do it AND REGRET.

Before I had a changed to feel like I do.

Yes I have to stop living in the past to change

Time to find myself and engage my path

What makes me happy oh how I wish I would stop saying that

Well dancing and sex and taking control these are the thing I long for.

So lets start having fun my diary has just begun

What you will read from here on

Will maybe shock you as I have held off for too long

So let’s get this sex, party and rock in roll stared.

I love the feel of a warm cock when it just touching the lips of your pussy just before it slides in. With his juices of slippery ON THE END of his cock, just slides in and out the tip as you feel that rib just caressing your sensations. Then pushes up deep FEELING the pressing against the top of your pelvic flaw as your juices drip down your anus. knowing you are so ready for him to touch the spot that makes you trembled. your legs start shaking out of control.

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