Poem of loss ???

by pandora

Poem of loss ???

Well they say spending lots of time together will make you or break you. I think I have accomplished both. We spent a week together, bush walking, camping and hanging out at home, just the two of us. As you read the other post you can see our journey unfold. My feelings are scared and confused; I feel I have damaged the one person that adores me by my silly mistakes i have always made in my life. My magic man is not the same, he is doing lots of thinking and me thinking the worst i have pushed him away and that hurts to say.

Feelings of pain inside of me

Things I kept that could have changed their minds for me

Why do I do this to myself?

No trust and fear all court up inside

I wreck all good relationships

So everyone can just let me be

Be alone is what I think I deserve

Being hurt is all I have learned

Learned to live with in my life

I know no other

Just let me understand what happy is please

As I follower my journey with this man to be.

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