Think Positive Thoughts

by pandora

Changing my thought pattern

first there comes acceptance, then understanding.

Well I read an article last night, and in hindsight, I wished I had waited until  this morning

First reaction is my usual fight and flight.

Well I thought it was all about me and how did this make me feel. Angry, upset and not want to continue my path. So I woke up this morning thinking all the negatives and not feeling happy.

“What we think, we become. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.” Buddha

So I changed my thinking I want to feel happy. This article is a great opportunity for someone to gain positive for them self and it not about me it is what they see and how they think of this situation.

I am please it came up because I had a chance to face my old thought pattern and think and change it. Reminding myself that no matter what the situation is, you can help to change it by changing the way you perceive it as being. So my new thoughts today way gratitude for showing me this, happy for my friends article to be posted, and let it go. You cannot go back and change what has happened but being aware of the ripple effect it can help me next time. Yes things do happen for a reason. My message for you today is,


and is it taking you in the right direction. You create your life by your thoughts, by your actions, by your awareness and ultimately by your choices in life.

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