Raw Desire

by pandora
Raw Desire

Raw desire

My questions is, how do you want me?

I am raw and fragile to the commitment path we are both on

I want to touch you and feel you in my heart

But the road blocks scare me

I am low and feeling too much

I need to know how you want me.

As we come up against my biggest fear of putting all my effort and heart

And we can’t see past the road block

The one thing that is so dear to me and yet so painful

I want to feel you but my block that I have has control over me

 Pushing you away and treating you so unkind and unfair

This is killing me as it would be killing you and do you overcome this or have you had enough of it

I have to face that this maybe what tears us apart and kill me inside

Not sure you are strong enough to overcome it as you watch me fall apart as it tears us apart

Why does something so amazing be torn apart and make us so miserable for us

It is going to kill us and separate us and the fear of mine may just come true

I saw it in your eyes and your noise was so clear

It’s just a matter of time till it falls apart again

I am tired and sad and want so much more for us

Communication can only save us, when we are feeling like we are getting torn apart

Or we depart and feel the loss.

So let’s start with communication with a plan on how we can see this through.

That what we set out to do this time

Let pull this off and be amazing together.

I want this to work i hope you are strong this time.