Reach out coronavirus

by pandora


When you see a friend acting not as they usually do, reach out and help them find there way back home. I have a dear friend and I am seeing actions that are out of the ordinary and not the responsible person I use to see.

This coronavirus has bought out a lot of different feelings we have hidden or run from for a long time. Now its time to face them and deal with them in the right way not to fight and flight. We must stop, pause and take a look at our selves threw our own eyes. As parents, we are role models for our kids, like it or not. we all do the best we can. So take a look at your self just for a minute and say is this how I want my child to be when he grows up. its never to late to make some different choices.

Now some words for my friend as I know they will read this and digest it. where do I start.

I am seeing that God is giving you a few chances latterly. We may have got some money but that won’t last unless we think smart. Please start looking for a job and go back to see your mum, who knows you may need her one day or just miss her one day. I had better words in my head but now it is coming out like advice. I don’t want to tell you what to do I need you to realise your action have outcomes. making choices in our own responsibility.

You have your whole life ahead of you now is the time to do it. Take a look at who you are associating with to how you are acting. finding people you look up to and have things you want to achieve in life. we are who we hang out with is the saying, i think

Points to think about,


Drinking is not the answer

Showing off is not the answer

Not seeing your mum is not the answer

Not taking responsibly is not the answer

Think about your child they need to have a structure to grow. So bed early on weekdays when school, holding your temper back, less drinking helps to clear your head, being responsible with your possessions. You need those to survive for work and getting around with your child. Sorry reality is hard and I am still learning, I am not perfect.

This may seem harsh but I just sore a clip-on fb the child hung himself because he broke another controller and was probably scared to tell his parents and a lot of other things, isolation of coronavirus. Our children don’t always tell us whats going on in their heads. So to show them we are one to look up to and to come to us if there is any problem is so crucial. Sorry that one just hit my heart and that one was probably for me. To have a look at some things I can do differently too.

So god is looing after you but he cannot make the decisions for you. You have the biggest heart put it where it is needed.

some special words

So take a look at your life, Do you really want to fight, Or is it just a fright

I know your heart is mighty big, But you just need to dig, Not a whole but a life

You are the best thing for your child, The children will go wild, If we don’t do it right

Unfold and take control, Lets be strong and live fun and long

You are amazing, So take the chains and throw them away, You can play after responsibility

So create a future and live, Love, and teach our young ones to live.

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