Saying Goodbye

by pandora


when my nanna past away I put down some words on a piece of paper, only to find it two and half years later as I was cleaning out some of my papers.

So I would love to share this with you as she meant the world to me.

My Nan was an amazingly beautiful model always looking like a lady, always had the plum in her mouth when presenting around people. she loved to be fussed over and always caring for others. As I understand it my nan was the backbone of trying to make sure us kids were in the best place and looked after at the same time.

My foster parents looked after us, Nan was always there to put the pieces together when they fell apart. My foster parent where my Nan and Pa yacht friends. My pa owned a yacht called Wayfarer and it was the first to start the Sydney to Hobart race. Every Sunday as a family we would head out on wayfarer, head to an island call piggies island, we would have a bbq lunch and play in the sand chacing all the shoulder grabs and collect oysters off the rocks to cook in the fireplace.

Then we would sail back to salamander bay and on our way back we would hang our feet over the side of the boat as she sails fast in the wind getting our legs wet and laughing. When we got back we would throw a line over and catch some fish, didn’t matter the size those days as the small one went to the cat, she loved them.

So theses are my words to my Nanna

Monnet Luke

The beauty who touched our lives

Your beauty so positive and bright

Your cheeky sence of humour we loved in the sunlight

Your time has come to join your husband in spirit and joy all so bliss

as you look down upon us, we will all make you proud of us

You will always be in our hearts as we remember your heart

These memories we take with us of the women that made sure her family and friends where alright

You are the best Nanna, wife, mother and sister we looked up too

My greatest Nanna in the whole world

We will all miss that cheeky, glamours and big hearted women we all loved

The Nanna I will always love

her garden so much loved

her cheeky sense of humour so loved

The sailing, the weeding, the hugs,the cookies, the cats are only just some of our memories

My Nanna I will miss so very much and that goes for all of us.

Yes you will always be in our hearts

every day as we move through our lives in every way and every day

love you Nanna.

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