Self Reflection

by pandora

Today I am blown away, the journey I am on has finally come into play

Today and from now on, the future is mine, to stay

I can play this the way I want it, because the simple key is my mindset.

The challenges have faded away as I clearly create my future today

I have learn to stop those crazy cycles that do not serve me.

I have found the answer to all of my dreams.

Work with the power of your mind and dreams, the gift to life

and if you get stuck just pause and breath life will show how to be free.

There is a reason for our paths we are on and if you don’t learn as you go, you will be stuck on

stuck on that cycle of bad habits that you know so well, they do not serve you they just turn into hell

So grab some help and change your ways and watch your life turn into play

You can have anything you want in the highest and best way

Just make sure you check what you are thinking, this will guid the way

So my message today is jump into to the mind of positive thinking

To create what you want today

and watch you life create what your thinking

The power of positive mindsets

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