Sorry to all the hearts I have broken

by pandora

Today I am saying sorry to all the hearts I have broken along the way of finding my own soul. I am sending you all unconditional love and freeing you of any past soul fragments you may be holding onto. I have been on a long journey to find who fits my soul and feeds my pleasures. The pleasures without the fears of past traumas. The feels of having been drowned in and disconnected within my self because of those actions others have taken on innocent children.

As we grow up we trust the ones we look up to for direction in life, then it is taken away from us. THE TRUST The mentors we believe in, the ones that we feel connected too. Then they take it away from us so quickly and make us silent to the world as we knew it. Silent never to talk about the dirty feeling we grow inside us as we hide from the world. We grow up to believe silence and numb is the way of our future.

As the saying goes, what we haven’t healed we take into the next relationship. Well, I have done that too many times, looking back on it now I have broken a few hearts along the way, in finding my strength within me. the girl I once used to be. how life finds away if you do the work, the work on yourself to be allowed to feel joy. the work we do and conntinue to do is priceless.

I would give me the fun happy girl to the man that was falling for me and they never knew the pain that was hidden inside me. the lost little girl still trying to find her way of life. the girl who thought the fairy tale was meant to be found in every man I fell for. the false girl I let them believe I was someone I was not.

so this is me saying sorry to all the hearts I broke and I have now found hope and joy as I worked through I beliefs and cycles.

I am now a different girl, a grown up girl, who faces all and removes all negative and live a peace and happiness and share it with the world

i have now found my calling and that is coaching women to self love, find there intimacies again and most of all stop feeling shut downs and alone.

the process is simple and that how life is meant to be



this is a saying from my heart as y das use to say it all the time.

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