Story Time of a snail falling in love

by pandora

These are story’s shared between me and my magic man and this is our beginning

There once was a snail who didn’t know what happy was so he packed his bag and left home in search of happy. When he left, the weather turned bad and he struggled to move forward but he tried and tried until the weather got a little better. Along the way he met a few bugs who helped him on his way, but he also met a few who didn’t , who tricked him. They said they knew where happy was so he followed them for a while but they lied, they lead him into the dark woods where he couldn’t find his way for a long time.

The poor snail didn’t give up he kept sliming on in search of happy until one day he met a beautiful butterfly who held happy in her hands but didn’t know it. He tried to get close to her but she kept flying away, she couldn’t sit still, he kept trying carefully to get close to her but she would keep fluttering around in circles, her wings were broken so he helped her mend them. With her wings better her spirits lifted and she looked into her hands and saw what she was holding. She saw happy, so she held it out to him and said “thank you mr snail will you share this with me”.

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