The life in Pandora’s Box with an ADHD child

by pandora

The life in Pandora’s Box with an ADHD child

Yes my day begins every week day the same just like all others.

I have alarms set for my boy as is responds to clock work and numbers.


My day starts off with alarms for getting my son to help him get ready for school. Alarms are just part of our life now.

My son usually wakes up at 6am and has created his own routine. He gets up toilet first then goes and gets the cat from the laundry and takes her into his room so she can have cuddled and watch his ipad in bed.

This is a very special time for him, not sure how the cat feels lol. I have put in place not to wake me before 7am that is my time.

So up at 7 am , 7.30 am is for get dressed and breakfast then the last one for the morning is in the car for school at 8.15 am this seem to work for us. He loves knowing his structure as it is his security of life that he can take control of.

Sometimes he may not respond straight away but if you don’t push the matter and give him two options he goes and does it on his own accord.

Which is taking control of his world? I have learned after time that his brain cannot cope with too many instructions, loud noises as in yelling. Everything has to be calm and clear. Black and white are the key.

My child has been diagnosed with ADHD a label of an over active and not being able to take things into his brain and transfer they quickly like us.

He needs time to process and hate change need to be prepped before things are going to happen and change happens for him.

When I have friends over he gets very loud and uncontrollable when people are over or I am on the phone or is a busy place like shopping centres. Every day is a change with working out structure and making thing flow. At time this is not always easy as other thing get thrown in the mix. When I push him too far I get swearing and verbal abuse towards me, very violent and hit and punched and thing thrown at me.

I am not able to stop this behaviour once they hit got beyond this point. In saying this I still discipline him and give him structure as any other child. He actually functions well when he know where he stand and what is expected of him.

Just because he is being diagnosed does not mean I cannot treat him as every other child. Not sure what others do but staying calm and routine and structure help the balance of his world.

We are not perfect but we can all do the best we can with what resource we have. If you find yourself stuck and have no more ideas and are overwhelmed. I have been there and done that. Go to your gp and get guidance to the right direction for you and your family. It has worked for me and I am always seeking out answers to make our life flow.

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