The Power of Buying a House

by pandora

The power of Buying a House

Buying a house could be easy or could be hard. My experience in buying a house has given me two different experiences.

The first house easy, every one organised everything and I signed and it was done. The second house of buying, well I am stressed out to the max.

Well let’s just say I have shut down again. They say let things go and they will flow, well I am not sure which way the stream is flowing.

It all started when money flow was not flowing and repayments on car and house and general bills a bit much to handle.

This became a struggle, so my thoughts where explain buy something less money have some in bank and car paid off. Sounds good yes? Well nothing nice in Geelong for that price so i gave up and looked in Queensland, which has been on my mind to move there for a little while just not the right timing.

My house sold quickly easy, found a place up north. Then the stress begins. I had a broker, Rams, a conveyance in Kyneton and in Queensland organising everything but no one was organising much at all. They were all waiting for someone else to make the move.

So yes we are running out of time and the settlement date has been extended for the second time. And me well I am trying to round all up and do their work for them. Hey yes they still want their money funny that.

So now I am on my way and still trying to fix paper work up while driving to Queensland. I feel like being angry but cannot because that’s too much energy.

To be strong one must as i have a boy who is relying on his mum to give him a new happy home. But mum just wants to fall into a ball and cry. I am past falling apart; as I am thinking positive just have to do the work.

But no one’s getting paid until I get a list of ins and outs of my money and a description of what their job was meant to be. Well maybe not that but that what it feels like. I have never heard of so much shit that has made this so hard.

Then I look at it too what lesson the universe is trying to teach me on the way.

This is my thoughts on that, make me pull my finger out and take control of my life. Made me feel strong and I can do this. To notice and love the friends that I have touch on my journey and I have lots to give .and to received help without feeling guilty about it.

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