The Power of listening to your inner voice

by pandora

This is somewhat miss understood. we forget to listen and go about our days with the same habits that got us into this state.

I am morning and in pain of the cycle, I keep regaining. Looking for affection in all the wrong places and yet I have gained so much insight into who I am facing. The pain the gain how to refrain. I slip and then I fall and then I catch my self as I call and pick me up again.

when I am out of my comfort zone I fall and when I am in control I raw.

but to be unsure and not so pure

is part of the learning we all feel a part of.

So I call on my inner voice to guide me the way

even if it is foggy today

I will see a light as I meditate it away

faraway I will let this past fade away

I look to the light and dream of the best and forget of all the rest

please inner strength gives me the right path

I will listen and be with one

I am doing inner work and letting it flow

but I still have a little way to go.

so here I am doing my inner work and releasing the stuff that does not work

Please let me regain the strength I need

as I do not need to revisit the pain

I am doing so well and then I fell

but I will also keep moving forwards

to the light, I have visioned oh so well

they say two steps forward and one back

well that is me one step back but I know where I am at

yay to life and its many changes

that’s how we learn of our many gaining changes.

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