Things we Forget

by pandora

The things I forget to survive my emotional rollercoasters

Putting it all aside thinking it will all be okay and things will be better. Yes, I am back with my magic man. I don’t think too many relationships have done what we have with so many break-ups and back together.





The last one was the longest I thought I could be without him

The time has come to realise we are good together if I only start listening to my heart and not the negative rest of my thoughts.

This time back is different we have given each other space to grow within our personal development.

I have been focusing on building my strength without calling for help. Strength in the construction of my business so as am feeling worthy of life again. Is all moving ahead in a great positive way.

A new place to work from wit professionals helping me kick off again. It is so true what goes around comes back around.

In the past, I have taken students as they are studying message put them in my shop trained them on how to make money and their business work for the last 11 years and now I am getting this help in return, love the way the universe works. So now I can start thinking about all the amazing times I have had with my magic man. Games are played to help us talk, so in-depth are fun.

The things we get up too so crazy and wild the time he spends by my side for support the hours he spends with myself and my son, they are all on one guy, I will never find again, I am lucky because he is just him and it is magic.

So now I am working on focusing on the feelings I get, the happiness that flows inside me.


I am told to hold onto to those and put them in a box, and whenever I feel insecure, I just open it up am remember all those happy thoughts that make me warm and forget those negative thoughts that just upset.

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