The Key to My Transition Times

by pandora

The key to my Transition Times

Things have turned for me, my life is a lot more active, finding purpose and direction.

Don’t get me wrong I have had a huge thing to deal with, and my Friends and family ask how am I coping with this?  I guess it is something I am putting off facing and slowly have been. But having lots of dreams, which is making me face it but not in the real world.

I have been reading lots, which is taking me through an enlightenment journey. It may seem strange to some, it is something I have always felt in my heart.

I have found a great place to rent a room to build up my massage business again. Massage to me is going to be my bread and butter at this point giving me space to achieve and focus on my dreams and goals.

My life coaching is also going to be a base for my new adventure, having goals and seeing things happen with direction. A feeling of self-worth, in  I have had to let go of seeing and picturing a future in my relationship.

That pressure only got me into thinking the worse when I figured it was not going there. I have found this inspirational to me because my thought has changed just to relax and let it flow and this way I love the now.

Which also gave me the chance to put my energy into me and to build strength in believing in myself.

I know the biggest lesson was in our little break up to stop needing someone and want to be with them and enjoy the moments you share.

Remember the good times and stop a feel how my magic man makes me feel. Which is supported and loved and beautiful in the same breath.

The hardest thing to do, but it is all on pause right now.

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