Trust as a Stripper

by pandora


Ok everyone has some kind of trust issues with someone in some kind of way this is my feelings on trust.

I am a strong believer if you break the trust the lust is lost. I was in a relationship for 20 years and did not even look at any one or show that I was interested in any one I was faithful in the biggest way. I did not even do face book much or even have a conversation with the opposite sex unless I was allowed. During this relationship I was a stripper so I had many offers and phone numbers given to me but did not even go there. I went to work and went straight home. I had to text the ex I was in the car and on my way home, but my partner then always questioned me and did not trust me. Everything I did was a question and I felt guilty for things that weren’t true. So trust is very confusing I do the right thing and I still feel guilty. So to prove this to someone is a too hard basket. I already did that for 20 years, I am tired of that. This should just happen naturally, the things I do and say should be enough, not me questioning everything and thinking have I done enough to prove myself.

Stripping was my outlet, it was the one place i could still be myself, I did the most amazing stage shows, it was like acting on stage capturing the audience getting loud applauses it was a place where people well guys and staff and girls loved what I did and liked me. I stripped for over 15 years. I started in Queensland doing pub shows, then working in Sydney doing pub shows and stripper grams driving from house to house on a Saturday night with my cd player by myself. Then I went and did a tour in New Zealand to then moving and working in Melbourne at Bar 20. This was my prim days as I just did penthouse so I came to Melbourne as a star lol.

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