What does Intimacy say to you?

by pandora

To me it is a connection sexually and mentally

Something I have been looking for my whole life, understanding myself has been my first understanding of how intimacy should feel. We all ache for this feeling of being loved and wanted and some of us never find it or think they have but live in a lie with themselves. We cannot be intimate if we don’t understand our own feelings of intimacy. I have come from a family of no hugs and no connection, no communication and no affection. It was a violent and alcoholic environment, everything you felt was hidden in you and was not allowed out. To find out even how the women body works were not even heard of. Then I became a woman of expression all my sexual and erotic expressions came too life, yes I became an erotic dancer in clubs and pubs, expressing what I had depressed. this gave me the freedom not only to express myself but to live a life of buying things I wanted when I wanted, freedom. It was fun for a while but then I came to realise yes I might have been expressing my self on stage but when it came to having a relationship it was real and I blocked it all out in the bedroom with my partner. I shut down my emotions as I did not know how to feel erotic and intimate in the bedroom. this is where I was shy and found it hard to feel emotions.

life can work in crazy ways

Then I met my husband and yes over time I became numb and not knowing who I was. 20 years of crazy numb and how do I like my eggs? that is just one question I ask myself when I was finding who am I?

once I went out on my own that is when I became alive and started to find and feel what my body wants and express it again this is where it all begun. intimacy is now what I feel grow and excite myself with.

Dance movement breath and listening to what feels good letting my partner know as well so we can connect explore together. This time we have on our hands from the COVID-19, is a blessing and yes it is hard not to get court up in what everyone is posting and be totally confused. but to be able to sit beside your partner and just talk about whatever and be able to share something together is what we all need to get back to. These are moments to treasure. My experience yesterday was one of those. We both sat out on his balcony with a beautiful slight breeze having a cuppa tea and guess what we were both sewings together. the good old fashion way by hand, stitch by stitch just talking, we are so blessed for these times. Please make sure you capture and share with each other the most important part is telling your partner that you really enjoyed that moment and put a smile on there face. These are the moment that just floats into more moments that become part of our intimacy, because when we start to appreciate each other we have that different look in our eye towards each other and that how magic sex all starts. When we have this look in our eye you don’t need to say I LOVE YOU, your eyes say it all. You are now starting to share a connection of intimacy.

I have played with my body and nurtured and felt my pleasures. doing this I can explore with my partner with confidence sexual expression is my calling and I will help you find your feminine connection so you can explore intimacy in every way dreamt of in your dreams desirer and wild fantasy. we need to feel free to express our self in a sexual way and feel safe and comfortable with our partners to explore intimacy.

Let’s do this together

join me on a journey we all need to take

You don’t have to have a reason to feel good—you’re alive; you can feel good for no reason at all!– Tony Robbins

I am loving me and loving who you could be too.

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