Love is With My Magic Man

by pandora

Some words I want to share from my Magic Man

This girl so beautiful
The sound of your voice like a drug
it lifts me up and leaves me floating on air
your warm embrace changes my day, my night, my week
it takes me to another world
a place beauty, a place out of this world
holding your hand, I feel a connection
in your company, I feel at home
where I belong
your warm smile, your beautiful eyes
they melt my soul
this is why


This love has begun
after a rocky start
the magic is flowing and sung
I am happy for once as I accept the love
when you embrace me with your arms
life is magic, and I fear no harm
I am safe and warm with you
the feeling is right
our journey is on the same path
this is our start, to magic, to life long ways
of learning to understand each day
every day we are together I feel my love and happiness
there is nothing better than being in your arms,
looking up into your blue eyes
I am in love and have found my soul mate
thanks for helping me understand what happiness is babe

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