Why a Goodbye Can Be Positive

by pandora
change your life

When some says goodbye to you, you’re thought changes

You cannot run back to your cycle, the security and reality hits. Now it is time to stand on my own two feet and stop looking for comfort and avoiding my issues. Stand up make something of yourself again. You have done this before, you can do it again. Stop looking for the easy way out and face your fears of being alone. Its ok, I keep telling myself. The goodbye had their own reasons; sometimes you cannot change until you faced with it.

My issues are mine and I am slowly working on them, then sometimes you go fuck it I do want I want now that no one is getting hurt but me, I can do this the right way for me slowly and eventually it will be all good. now this crazy cycle of holding onto something that should have been let go of before this I have learned allot about myself and a lesson to recognise this before it gets way from you. I have cut down on drinking and other stuff (on-line dating). Alcohol was a void for me even in the relationship, so now I am facing issues face on now, baby steps will last longer. All I know I am without my comfort rugy and that ok. I am feeling clearer and a little stronger.


So I thank you for saying goodbye and letting me move on and down the track in life we can say hi and just be friends. But not now.

Why goodbye can be positive

  •      One door closes and one door opens
  •    Giving you strength to stand alone
  •    Clearing the mind to focus
  •   You have no choice but to move forward

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