Why do we still hold onto the past?

by pandora


We hold on because it is familiar and that’s what we know until we learn and regain new knowledge. Whom it is does not matter but how it does matter.

Holding Onto feelings

This is about my last relationship, the one I was holding onto hoping my life would be magic and all I wanted it to be. But yes for reasons I feel what happened is different to the reason he thinks what happens.

So the ending is not good for both but life chooses this path for both. Maybe we still have somethings to learn about our selves that we could only do apart. That makes sense to me.


Anger is something I try not to hold or take with me, but this time I am finding it hard to let go and send off with love. I guess the truth of the unknown is what eats me. What makes me angry in what could of been. Accepting what is must be achieved to be able to live in what is now.

Bad habits

Now I am noticing a pattern just it is in a different format now. I used to go on dating sites on line to stimulate my guessing of life now mmm thinking I am stalking him for answers and closer only doing damage to both, not healthy.

Now I am noticing what is happening and what I am doing, time to change it for the better in both channels and find true happiness.


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